Maxi-Matic EPM-450 Popcorn Popper Machine Review

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The popularity of popcorn is one of the reasons why the Maxi-Matic EPM-450 Popcorn Popper Machine is always growing. This is usually a first class machine with dimensions of 17.3×23.6×20 inches and weighs 30 pounds.  This product is particularly good for most customers in that it has the best tabletop hot-oil retro-style. It carries enough for a family and can also be ideal for popping during anniversaries and other auspicious occasions.  With one and half gallons in capacity, it is good for any family size. Click here to check it out.

Maxi-Matic EPM-450 Popcorn Machine Features

The Maxi-Matic popcorn machine is the ideal for small business. It is able to pop one and half gallon at once producing fresh, hot, delicious popcorn in a single pop time. Buying this popcorn maker gives you a chance to get a large kettle made from stainless steel and capable of carrying 4-ounces.  This is used for keeping the popcorn hot through the use of two on and off switches that control the kettle.

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This popcorn machine is also made with a quality pull-out kernel crumb tray, windows and also doors that are constructed from plax glasses. They offer safer viewing when popping. It is also easy to clean since the kettle that is detachable from the main system.  This is a great investment that can be utilized for any occasion to make popcorn. Is it a birthday party or a normal movie night function, this is the best popcorn maker you can ever find in the market.

When you want to make enough popcorn for a small group of people, this would be an ideal option to go for. However, for a big team, it will force you to pop the corns in turn. As much as the taste for this is great, those who want to get bigger popcorn maker should try a different option. At the same time it is good to remember that most often popcorn is simply for relaxing and for that reason even a small amount of it would suffice.

Maxi-Matic EPM-450 Popcorn Popper Machine Review

If you consider the number of reviews that this product has received in Amazon over the years, you will notice that fifty customers out of sixty three have come back with a message of satisfaction. The average review rate is 4.6 out of 5 start rating. This is a good thing and indicates that the advantages of using Maxi-Matic EPM-450 popcorn popper machine are more. Many reported its ease to clean property. The smart magnet on the top helps to keep the lid open when adding popcorn and also when cleaning. The popper machine is a good deal for many. Click here to read these reviews.

A few people have complained that Maxi-Matic EPM-450 popcorn popper machine is never the best. Looking at their main complain, it is not based on functionality, but rather on the idea of handling. With proper handling, we believe that this can be the best machine for all.

Buying Maxi-Matic EPM-450 popcorn machine can help you a lot if you are the kind that likes enjoying his time with popcorn. Even if it is just a simple function in that you have in your home, this machine can be ideal. You can also use it to make money by doing popcorn for cinema and movie attendees. Click here to buy from Amazon with free shipping and 28% discount now!

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Customer Reviews

Logan July 1st, 2012 (#)

This was a wonderful addition to our home! From young to old enjoyed watching this old time looking popper make our favorite movie snack. It will fit just fine on the end of a counter or vanity/sofa size table. Everything works as expected. One tip however, if you purchase the premixed bags of oil, kernels and seasoning; cut the end with the oil only and squeeze it into the hopper then cut the kernel and seasoning portion of the bag. This will allow the oil to get to the bottom of the hopper. Our first batch clumped together as the bag instructions didn’t include this tip. 2 bag fulls will furnish a family of 6 and some may have seconds. There are all types of corn available, I think we will try kettle corn next. Well worth the extra money. The manufacturing is solid with glass and steel structure with steel hinges, easy cleanup design and comes with kernel measuring cup and oil spoon, salt shaker and popcorn scooper for the mix it yourselves out there. The warming light keeps the popcorn fresh and warm for hours too. We thank the designers on this one!

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