Waring Pro WPM40 Professional Popcorn Maker Review

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Popcorn is a delicious snack and is loved by almost everyone. And what can beat the joy of having your own popcorn maker. Waring Pro WPM40 professional popcorn maker is a product manufactured keeping this in mind. This product is durable, strong and very useful, especially for all the popcorn lovers. The heat lamp keeps the popcorn warm so that you enjoy your crunchy popcorn even after ten to fifteen minutes of making it.

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This popcorn maker produced by Waring is a reasonable choice for those who are looking at popping popcorn at home in a reasonable amount of time. It takes less than ten minutes for fresh and aromatic popcorn to pop. The wasted popcorn kernels are very less with this product. Also to clean up this machine after the job is done is pretty much easy and less time consuming.

Waring WPM40 Popcorn Popper Features

  • 600 watts commercial popcorn machine
  • Process 12 cups of popcorn in less than 2 1/2 minutes
  • Keeps popcorn warm with heat lamp
  • Comes with removable pivoting kettle for easy cleaning
  • Removable door for easy cleaning
  • 15.2 x 12.2 x 20.8 inches and weights 24.5 pounds

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The parts of this waring pro popcorn machine are easy to assemble and remove and so one does not need to spend too much time in the process of popcorn making. It barely takes around ten minutes for the whole process to complete and yield crispy popcorn. Of course, one must use popcorn seeds and oil of good quality for the popcorn to be yummy.

Some customer do claim that this product leaves out a lot of kernel behind and so they have to repeat the process of making popcorn over and over again in order to get some reasonable amount of popcorn. This could possibly be because they are over stuffing the machine with too many seeds. One must follow the instructions closely in order to get best result out of this popcorn maker released by Waring.

Waring Pro WPM40 Review

There are several positive reviews for this product on Amazon. Customers are happy with its performance. Since the overall rating for this product is 4, it seems that some customers are not happy with the product. But all the customers claim that if you follow instructions closely and put in the amount of seeds and oil as instructed, then there is nothing to complain about. Also, cleaning the product after every use is not necessary thus saving you hassle. Because of its huge success, this product can also be gifted to the one you love without any second thoughts. Click here to read more reviews.

There are several popcorn makers available in the market but most of them are very expensive and complicated to operate. The wpm25 popcorn maker manufactured by Waring is specially deigned for household and thus very easy to operate. Despite them claiming that it is of professional standards, some customers disagree. However this product is one of the best amongst many products of the same genre.

So, if you are looking for an affordable and compact popcorn maker for the special Friday night, Waring Pro WPM40 professional popcorn maker sure seems like the one. Its durability and sturdiness will guarantee that it lasts for several years thus giving you your money’s worth. It adds charm to your kitchen and crunchiness to your life. Click here to check it out.

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