Paramount Entertainment PE-800TB 8oz Popcorn Machine Review

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With the Paramount Entertainment PE-800TB popcorn machine, you no longer have to wait for your next visit to the movie theater to enjoy great tasting popcorn. You can finally enjoy your favorite treat for as much as you want in the comfort of your own home, anytime. Popcorn has long been one of the most famous snacks people love all over the world. Due to the constantly increasing demand for popcorn, popcorn machines are gaining huge popularity among households and businesses. Keep reading to find out why it’s a wonderful idea to get one for your family too. Click here to Buy From Amazon at a 63% Discount Now!

Getting a popcorn machine to pop your best-loved snack is far better than using a traditional microwave because of numerous reasons. By means of a popcorn machine, you can choose a wide variety of oil and seasoning to produce flavorful popcorn. With a microwave, you’re stuck with an ordinary bag of microwaveable popcorn commonly sold in groceries that are either just plain salty or tasteless like a cardboard. Using a popcorn machine is also more beneficial to your health. Unlike traditional microwaves, it utilizes heat rather than acrylic. In addition, a popcorn machine is also more efficient as it keeps the amount of unpopped kernels relatively lower compared to a traditional microwave.

Paramount Entertainment PE-800TB Features

  • 8oz hot oil popcorn machine
  • Easy to use and clean!
  • 8oz stainless steel rotational and detachable kettle
  • Low-noise built-in electric stirring system
  • Operates on 110/120 volt

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The Paramount Entertainment PE-800TB Deluxe 8oz popcorn maker is truly great because it allows my family to create different flavors of popcorn. They included some measuring cup and scoops in the package for added convenience. It’s good because it’s user-friendly, even my children can operate it safely and easily without close adult supervision. It doesn’t worry me or my husband, because it is manufactured with thick, high-impact tempered glass walls that don’t break easily.  It works well inside our home as it produces low noise and very little smoke, plus it utilizes electricity quite efficiently.

The whole family likes it because it’s built with a warming light and deck to keep the popcorn warm and delightful for a long period. We can enjoy our tasty popcorn while having a movie marathon or while hosting a party at home. The size is just right for the family, it’s not too big or small.

It looks awesome in the kitchen with its neat design and classy black color. I like this popcorn machine because it’s not a pain to clean. It comes with a filter for unpopped kernel and a crumb tray that makes cleaning up fairly easy. The stainless steel kettle is detachable and the doors are removable.

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You can read more reviews from other satisfied customers by also visiting Amazon. They currently have over 11 reviews from many different users so you can see just how happy people are with this Paramount Entertainment Deluxe 8oz Popcorn Machine. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon. The best thing about the Paramount Entertainment PE-800TB popcorn machine is probably its durability and ability to produce the highest popcorn output per batch. It’s manufactured with only the finest materials and built to last for a long time. It may be designed for home use only but we occasionally use it when hosting parties and fundraising activities. We never had a problem with this product. This popcorn machine is definitely an excellent value for the price we paid.

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