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The popcorn is no new food. It has been there for a very longtime and has been in the act of nourishing the world on all grounds. One thing that has made the popcorn very needed and sought after is the concept of variety and balanced diet. We have been left to wallow in the consumption of foods that are filled with a lot of starchy contents and this has led to a lot of diseases. Diseases like acne, diabetes and some others has been discovered to be caused or aided and abated by the intake of much of starch which is found in most of the food we eat.

But on the contrary, the popcorn has been discovered to be very rich in fiber. Fiber on its part is also very medicinal, standing as cure for those bad effects that are brought about by the starch we consume. What it means is that there is no wrong aspect of the intake of popcorn when it is taken as natural as it comes. It is a very good staple food that can be flavored, spiced and even colored according to the desire of the person who prepares it. But this preparation is not like that of other foods that you just buy and cook. It demands a popcorn machine to pop the corns that you will eat. Without this, you cannot pop the corns and you cannot eat the corns without popping.

This has made it very necessary that if you want to get the benefits that abound in eating the popcorn, you have to get the popcorn machine. This machine is very affordable depending on the volume and type of corns you will be popping. But before you buy a popcorn machine, you have to consider all these to avoid making a bad buy.  The size is the number one thing, which is measured according to the size of the kettle. The kettle sizes that ranges from 4 OZ to 16 OZ. The measurement says that 1 ounce of unpopped popcorn measures 2.5 cups of popped corn. It is on this consideration that you will base your choice depending on whether you want a private or commercial machine. The small sized and easily stored machines are very good for single and small sized houses, while its big domed counterpart goes for the commercials.

Another thing is that they come with different features like some having their own lighting, doors, carts, cabinets for a lot of things like oil and other popcorn supplies. Some even have some deck that keeps your corn warm for some time if you produce in large quantity. This is good for those who use it in parties and schools, or those who sell. Some also have non stick kettles, oil dispensers, and kernel drawers.

When buying, you should also consider the fragility of your machine and the environment you use it. Most of the antique ones are of steel body, while the newer ones come with plastic dome bodies that are more fragile, and this might not be so good for commercial and outdoor use. When you want to buy, you also consider the level of popping you want to be having and the kernel that follows. The style is also very important. They come in designs, so you have to consider your house design and color before you choose any. The wattage is also very crucial because it determines directly the duration of popping.

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