Maxi-Matic EPM-450 Elite Tabletop 4-Ounce Kettle Popcorn Popper Machine Review

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Thanks to the Maxi-Matic EPM-450 Elite Tabletop 4-Ounce Kettle Popcorn Popper Machine, my family and I no longer have to go to a movie theater to enjoy “cinema” quality popcorn. We can finally take pleasure in making our favorite crunchy treat in the comfort of our own kitchen at home. Many other families all over the world love popcorn too! This is the reason why more and more people are replacing their microwave with a popcorn machine to make great tasting popcorn. Read on to learn why popcorn machines are gaining huge popularity. You might want to purchase one for your kitchen too. Click here to Buy From Amazon at a 28% Discount Now!

It’s safe to say that a popcorn machine is by far superior compared to a regular microwave for several reasons. With a popcorn machine just like the Maxi-Matic EPM-450 Elite tabletop 4-ounce popcorn machine, you can make use of several different kinds of oil and seasoning to create the flavor suitable to your taste. With a microwave, you need to put up with the horrible taste of popcorn from those popcorn packs sold in local stores. They usually taste salty or tasteless like a cardboard. According to some studies, using a popcorn machine is also better for your health because it uses heat instead of acrylic. A popcorn machine is also more efficient when it comes to using up electricity, plus it doesn’t waste a lot of unpopped kernel.

The Maxi-Matic EPM-450 Elite tabletop popcorn machine is such a wonderful addition to our home kitchen. It is well put together, manufactured with quality stainless steel and glass – not plastic! Even the accessories it comes with are of good quality. This popcorn machine is designed excellently. The instruction manual was well written — very helpful and easy to follow. We didn’t have any trouble assembling the machine as it arrived, and we were able to start making flavorful popcorn using this machine in no time.

Maxi-Matic EPM-450 Popcorn Machine Features

  • Tabletop retro-style hot-oil popcorn popper with 1-1/2-gallon capacity
  • Large 4-ounce stainless-steel kettle with built-in stirring mechanism
  • 2 separate on/off toggle switches for the kettle and warming light
  • Plexi-glass windows and door
  • Includes scoop and measuring cup and spoon
  • Measures approximately 17-2/7 by 20 by 23-3/5 inches
  • 1-year limited warranty

It’s built with a stirring mechanism to make the distribution and popping evenly scattered. The kids really enjoy watching it work and produce great tasting popcorn quickly. I love the way it fills the room with the smell of fresh home-cooked popcorn. The entire family loves it because it has a heater at the bottom that keeps our popcorn hot and crunchy for a long time. We can enjoy our best-loved snack warm during our movie marathon and house parties. Even the guests are fascinated as they watch the machine work. I especially love its red color and retro-style that somewhat resembles the ones we see in carnivals or festivals.

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This Maxi-Matic popcorn machine works really well because it doesn’t generate a lot of noise and smoke. I like it because it has a pull-out crumb tray and detachable kettle for easy cleaning. Overall, the Maxi-Matic tabletop 4-Ounce kettle popcorn popper machine had exceeded our expectations. We are far beyond satisfied with this product. I’m glad we purchased one of these. It’s great value for the reasonable price we paid. Absolutely! I recommend also visiting Amazon to read some more reviews as they have currently have over 126 reviews from many different people who have bought, used and reviewed the Maxi-Matic EPM450 Elite as well. Click here to read more reviews.

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